Metal processing industry and metallurgy database

Classification table
agricultural vehicles, trailers and equipment | machinery and equipment for grass mowing | machinery and equipment for sowing and planting
brake systems | equipment and accessories | exhaust systems and components
catering apparatus and machines | cookware, bakeware and cutlery | grills, fire pits and equipment
assemblies and components of construction vehicles, cranes and construction machines | construction machines | construction vehicles
blades for personal care | metal cutting machine tools and tools | SINKS
drywall hanger system | drywall profile system | drywall system screws (gypsum boards, profiles, hangers)
fire doors (FIRE SECURITY) | fire engine ladders | fire escape ladders (FIRE EQUIPMENT)
fitness facility layout, equipment and accessories
beverage systems ( processing, filling and pouring machines and equipment ) | bread and pizza production equipment | confectionery machines and equipment
felling, delimbing and loading equipment | forestry harvesters, trailers and equipment | forestry machines
casting machines | Castings | furnaces and accessories
bottle filling and capping machines | distilling apparatus | fruit growing and viticulture mulchers
furnaces | boilers
Hydraulic parts and components | pneumatic and pneumo-hydraulic brake parts | Pneumatic parts and components
heat treatment furnaces
Chains (LIFTING APPLIANCES, ELEMENTS AND ACCESORIES) | Lifting clamps | Lifting hooks
aluminium profiles – linear technology | linear actuators | linear and driven linear units
animal feeders | cattle and horse breeding equipment | Feed silos and dryers
2D optical measuring machines | anodized thickness gauges | clock gauges / dial indicators
welding machines
boring and milling machines | cable manufacturing machines | drawing machines
iron-making machinery and equipment | miscellaneous equipment for metallurgical plants and rolling mills | non-ferrous metal production, plants and equipment
brake systems and wheels | equipment and accessories | exhaust systems and components
aluminium timing case covers | aluminium valve covers | camshafts
compressors and turbochargers | pumps | turbomachinery
dished ends / dished heads | flanged compensators | flexible metal hoses
brake systems | lifting appliances | protective parts
bed fittings | bolt locks | brackets (STRUCTURE AND FURNITURE FIXINGS)
adjustable tap wrenches | external thread mills | hand taps
console shelves (WAREHOUSE EQUIPMENT) | roller conveyors (WAREHOUSE EQUIPMENT) | shelving racks
above ground hydrants (WATERWORKS AND SEWERAGE) | cast gully gratings and frames | cast manhole drain covers
cutting and welding nozzles | Electrode grinders | filler wires